Welcome to Solskinnsfabrikken!






After traveling for 3 months, collecting and sharing recipes for a sustainable, enjoyable and affordable lifestyle, One Step Beyond returns to its homeland in Norway to cook these delicious recipes! Welcome to One Step Beyond – going even further Beyond at Solskinnsfabrikken!

The place: located in Nesodden, a peninsula in front of Oslo, accessible by boat, Solskinnsfabrikken [SOUL CHIN´S FABRIC´AN] is an open and vibrant house hosting projects dedicated to learning by doing and researching by trying in the fields of Architecture, Permaculture, Design and Engineering. Solskinnsfabrikken stands just by the sea and boasts a vast and rich garden with Plums, Apple, Pear and Cherry trees, as well as a jungle of wild Raspberries, Gooseyberries, Strawberries, Red and Black currants, and many colorfull flowers.

Welcome to Solksinnsfabrikken!

The beach!

The project: for a period of 3 years, from Fall 2011 to Fall 2014, Solskinnsfabrikken will concretize and document the lessons learned by One Step Beyond in the summer 2009 in Scandinavia. The first project will be to winterize the house using local, natural and cost effective solutions, under the supervision of an experience architect. In the Spring and Summer 2012, Solskinnsfabrikken will focus on permaculture design, in order to grow delicious local food by using the natural resources found in Nesodden.

Contribute: if you are an architecture student, or just finished with your studies, or already experienced, please contact us! We are also looking for handy men and women for construction work, as well as gardeners and chefs for the Spring and Summer.



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  • 1. Joakim Engelsen  |  June 21, 2012 at 10:05

    Hi! I visited your beautiful place yesterday for the jam and barbeque- session, and I forgot everything I had with me when I came. Most likely this happened because I was a bit drunk. I wonder if anybody can tell me if my stuff is there, and when I can pick it up. It was a black backpack with some clothes and books in it and also a cotton net from the humbolt university with some other stuff in it.
    Thanks a bunch for the lovely time I had, and good luck with all your future projects.
    Best regards, Joakim Engelsen.


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