We were incredibly encouraged to see people, all over Scandinavia, experimenting with new ideas, developing new solutions to the problems that confront them in their everyday lives.  Hear and see some of them  explain more about their solutions and how to implement them. And check out our Recipes cooking book presenting some of the recipes for a more sustainable lifestyle we harvested.

Trevor Graham on sustainability experiments at the city scale:

Eirik Gram Franck on social recipes to live together:

Mikkel Brink Jensen on the recipes in practice at Svanholm community:

Robert Hall on sustainability experiments at the family scale:

Recipes cooking book! A preview, work still in progress:

Bonus! an article by our journalist Kinia Adamczyk on waste water and toilets

We’ve been brought up to think that the water closet is the most modern and hygienic solution to treating our human waste.  “Correct, until the waste comes out of the house, after which we consider that the rest of it is not our problem. Only it is our problem,” pointed out Flemming Abrahamsen, one of the pioneers of ecological building in the North, who introduced modern composting toilets in Denmark. By mixing feces and urine with clean drinking water, we contribute to wasting water, one of our most precious resources. This is an absurdity, as human waste is a precious source of nutrients which could be put back into the food chain and used as fertilizer, closing the loop from food to excrement to fertilizer to crops and back to food. Read more


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