Who are we ?

One Step Beyond team assembled in spring 2009 through Couch Surfing, while working on a large scale, long term project called Race to the Green. We all come from different horizons and countries, read more about us below and feel free to contact us by leaving a comment or by email: etienne.gronaze at gmail.com

What are we researching ?

There are people out there investing their energy, time and money into changing their lifestyle: less impact, more quality of life.

Who are they ? Meet them in the Faces page.

What can they teach us ? Read more in the Recipes page.

Who is supporting us?

We´ve received a great support from several organisations: Økobo, We Do program from Det Norske Veritas, Cultura Bank and the Cities of the Future program from the Norwegian Ministry of Environment. We are very grateful to all these persons who helped us along the way.

Meet the team!

Film Making: Adrien Raybaud, France.

mini-adrien-real-et-cadreur-sur-tournageAdrien specializes as a camera operator and cinematographer on both  short and long documentary films.
As well as being interested in cinematography Adrien is very interested in nature.  Before studying cinema he first studied oceanic biology in Polynesia. He graduated from a television technician school and later from the most important French national cinema school : “Louis Lumiere”, named after the man who invented cinema 100 years ago!

Since he fell in love with Scandinavia 3 years ago, Adrien travels every summer around Norway, Denmark and Sweden with a backpack filled with his tent and camera. He is fascinated by the light there, the kindness of the people and the true relation they have with nature.

In Adrien’s family, it’s normal to build your own house! His grand father built 2, his father 3, as well as 2 boats!

Meet Adrien on Couch Surfing: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/ADRIEN!

Organic Farming: Micah Sewell – Michigan, United States.

micahMicah is very interested in food systems – who grows a country’s food and how everyone gets (or doesn’t) what they need.  He is planning a research project in Norway interviewing farmers, consumers, and government officials about food security – where food comes from now, where it will come from in the future, and what steps people are already taking to move towards growing more of Norway’s food at home. Seeing and learning about the best practices used in different eco-communities will play an important part in this work.

Micah graduated with a joint History/International Studies degree from Gonzaga University in 2006.  Since then, he has taught English on a remote Pacific island (population 450), gone into the wild with groups of middle schoolers in adventure education courses, helped to build and sustain a school-community garden, instructed high schoolers in broadcasting and audio production, and spent a year working and learning on an organic farm.  His most recent exploits saw him birth and nurture a baby alpaca.

Meet Micah on Couch Surfing: http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/micahsewell

Journalism and Photo: Kinia Adamczyk – Poland and French Canada.

Kinia Adamczyk

The editor of cosmopolitanreview.com, Kinia is a European studies student who has experience writing on ecovillages: http://medianet.djh.dk/euroviews/pilot/how-to-save-millions-friland-an-ecovillage

She’s interested in simple but sophisticated living and is tired of all the waste created around her. She thinks we could live with fewer products by holding ourselves to a higher quality standard. She prefers to spend money on traveling and spending time with people than on things.

Kinia is interested in the controversy surrounding biofuels and the water shortages that could affect us in the future.

Meet Kinia on Couch Surfing: http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/kiniamus

Culture: Radu Burtescu – Romania.

raduGrowing up on a small farm, Radu took an early interest in all things organic. His interests evolved around the outdoors while his studies in psychology gave him a scientific base from which to develop an understanding of not only the human psyche, but the world in general.

Radu was the first person to organize parkour meetings and training sessions in Romania; following that, he discovered a love for rock climbing and is one of a handful of climbing pioneers in his city. He is interested in the effects of the manufacturing and marketing of impact sports gear (running shoes, climbing shoes, climbing rope, harnesses, etc.)  on the environment, as well as natural training methods that could be adapted into comprehensible physical education principles able to be applied anywhere by anyone.

Radu is currently writing his psychology thesis on the ways ecology issues are perceived within different cultures, and sees his involvement with One Step as a great opportunity to experience another culture’s point of view on ecology.

An avid adventure sportsman, Radu hopes to spread his love for outdoor pursuits like rock climbing, buildering, bouldering, hiking, parkour and slacklining while learning more about permaculture and self-sufficiency from the communities we’ll visit.

Meet Radu on Couch Surfing: http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/raducu

Organisation and Croissant Baking: Etienne Gernez – France.

etienneOriginally from Normandy, Etienne holds degrees in Numerical Modeling Engineering from the University of Bordeaux and in Maritime Engineering from the University of Southampton. Currently working in Norway for Det Norske Veritas, he provides energy efficiency services to ship operators. Etienne has a strong interest in sustainable engineering, especially recycling, energy use and production, and effective transport systems. He wants to learn more about practical solutions for these challenges and how they are concretely applied.

Meet Etienne on Couch Surfing: http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/tieno


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  • 1. Azariah Kiros  |  June 22, 2010 at 09:22

    I am writing to you from Radio Sweden. I am working on a programme on sustainable development and stumbeld on YouTube on an interview you did with Trevor Graham, Head of the sustainable dev. unit at the city of Malmö, here in Sweden.
    I was just wondering if I would be able to use snippets of your interview in my programme. I would obviously give due credit to One Step Beyond for using the material.
    I would be most grateful if you could reply to the request soonest possible.
    Most cordially
    Azariah Kiros


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