Taking it One Step Beyond

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Do you wonder what you as an individual can do to make the world a better place? Do you wish you could live more sustainably within an unsustainable society? Here at One Step Beyond, we’re organizing a summerlong event to uncover and spread the word on people doing just that. From May to August, we’ll be traveling to ecovillages and cities throughout Scandinavia, living in communities and learning from residents. We’ll document our journey through pictures, articles, interviews, and a short documentary film – we hope to see you out there!

One Step Beyond includes members from around the world, many of whom will meet for the first time in May as the project gets started. Organized through the world-wide online network Couchsurfing.com, One Step is a powerhouse of passionate individuals striving to change the world by turning heads and changing minds. Check out the “Team” page for more on us.

A little about our other pages:  You’ll be able to follow along with the action from the field here on our main page. At the “What” page, you’ll find an in-depth look at our plan and what we hope to accomplish. To check out the back story, try “Why”. Once the project is underway, you’ll find our photos, film footage, and audio interviews in the Archives. Our itinerary and trip map are on the “Where” page. “How” will take you through our process for constructing the trip.  At “Support” you’ll be able to see the groups we’re working with and find links to other great projects and more information.  And for contact information and more on how to connect with One Step, visit “Connect.”


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